Davis & Plomin Mechanical’s design-build team will work with the owner and other trades to help expedite the completion of drawings, provide construct-ability and accessibility reviews, and provide real-time cost feedback during the design phases of a project.This results in the best mechanical system that services the owner, with less Cost & Time than traditional bid work. 

With the design-build approach you get:

  • Continuous control of project costs from concept to completion. Continuous value engineering with owner input and real- time cost data.
  • Single source responsibility for design, installation, operation of systems and warranty.
  • Fully coordinated project from design through construction.
  • Intimate knowledge of systems and components from field experience allows the use of innovation and state-of-the-art systems. Also avoids use of products with problematic service histories.
  • Concurrent design and construction to facilitate accelerated schedules. Minimization of change orders.

The presence of all these capabilities allows the overall team the highest level of expertise and consequently optimal construction and operational performance. 

With single-source responsibility, our design-build team can compress project schedules by working simultaneously on design, procurement and construction. We can control costs. 

With the design-build construction process, you receive cost control. The project design works concurrently with the approval, procurement and installation of portions of the work. The design-build contractor’s ability to utilize his knowledge of the building codes to minimize delays and costs. 

Quality Control – through the use of selected materials, suppliers and tradesmen, the design/build contractor assures the owner of the highest available quality throughout both the design and construction processes. ​